About Us

Smart Route is a US-based company in Phoenix, Arizona that provides infrastructure for TETRA. Established in 2002 in Michigan as a licensed interexchange carrier by Dr. Sam Alnajjar, we have extensive experience as an operator. We developed our own TETRA Base Station SDR and Tetra Protocol Stack utilizing great American talents. In addition, we provide solutions for critical communications, including software application development.

We have obtained extensive experience as an operator with VoIP and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for Verizon Wireless. Our team has developed all applications from billing to customer service to integration.

In recent years, we have been developing TETRA software and hardware products for use across various industries and agencies. Our products are developed from the RF to the waveform to the software-defined radio (SDR, the physical layer) all the way up to the SwMI, across all protocol stacks. Our team experience with professional mobile radio (PMR) extends back to 1976, when we provided turnkey telecom and wireless products from installation to service in multiple countries.

At Smart Route, we believe that with our experience as an operator providing turnkey products and application development, we can fulfill your needs, whether you want to be an operator or need an integrated full-service solution or couture application.

Our Mission :

At Smart Route, we are committed to providing the best products and applications at the best prices by leading the industry in innovation and cutting-edge solutions.

Our Vision :

The Smart Route team delivers renowned experts who create niche products and services so our clients always have elite telecommunications capabilities.


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