TETRA Base Station SDR

Benefits of Smart Route’s SDR

Multiple carriers:

Our SDR supports multi-band multiple carriers utilizing our protocol stack.

Frequency agnostic:

Utilizing our SDR, we can support from 80 MHz to 1.6 GHz.

Rapid deployment:

The SDR’s reduced size allows for increased mobility, making it much faster to deploy.

Cost effective:

Because agencies can access multiple carriers on multiple frequencies, they realize a cost savings through a reduction in costs per carrier.

TETRA is a professional mobile radio (PMR). It has been the standard for public safety and commercial use in Europe since 1995. The FCC approved the technology in 2013 for commercial use in the US.

Software-defined Radio (SDR) is a radio in which some or all of the physical layer functions are software defined. Coded with software that can be customized or changed as needed, the applications of such a system are practically limitless. SDR has been significant for use in the military where it enables squadrons to change radio protocols in real time. Since it can handle multiple waveforms simultaneously, simply by reloading the software, it is ideal for tactical use.

SDR’s many benefits include a widespread spectrum, flexibility, and dynamic transmit power.

Smart Route, a US-based company, utilized American talent and expertise to develop our own SDR platform. This allows our protocol stack to provide multiple features, including providing multiple carriers on multiple frequencies, frequency agnostic, rapid deployment, and the smallest platform on the market. Our SDR provides for a cost savings by reducing the cost per carrier.


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