TETRA Operator Enabler

Before working on TETRA, Smart Route had accumulated extensive experience as an operator and interexchange carrier, with experience in VoIP, since our launch in 2002. We have also been a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for Verizon Wireless. Our team has experience developing and implementing all applications related to telecommunications.

Our Experience Is Your Benefit

We have all of the tools that every telecommunications operator needs to be successful. Plus, we have created customer billing, customer communications, and productivity software to help customers achieve their goals.

When we built our TETRA Base Station, we wanted to ensure its capability to be customized to any industry based on our experience. This agile, couture, flexible solution works for organizations and agencies across the spectrum.

Having this extensive experience as an operator, we believe we can help anyone who wants to become a TETRA operator do so successfully. We provide a customized solution that will be up and running in less than six month even if you’ve never had experience with TETRA before.


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