TETRA Base Station Protocol Stack

Benefits of Smart Route’s Protocol Stack

Multiple carriers:

Our TETRA protocol stack has theoretically no limit to the number of supported carriers when deployed on any SDR.

Portable codes:

Agencies that have their own SDR can use our TETRA Base Station Protocol Stack and be ready to go immediately.

Smart Route developed the TETRA Base Station Protocol Stack in compliance with ETSI EN 300 392-2 protocols. Our goal is to provide a portable and deployable solution to any SDR platform. Using the TETRA Protocol Stack will allow agencies that utilize SDR to have a ready stack from the waveform to the upper layers to the SwMI. This provides a huge advantage to any government agency to have our code deployed on their platform, whether that is a drone, tank, airplane, or ship.

Our waveform and lower mac were written in VHDL, and the upper layer and SwMI were written in C and C++

Whether you purchase your SDR and base station from Smart Route or elsewhere, our protocol stack will work seamlessly.

This solution could be purchased with a license with a source code or as a binary code.


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